Stand Up Paddleboard of the Week On Sale!

JP Australia All Around

Looking for one board that can do it all? Enter JP Australia with their All Around and Widebody models. Looking for a fantastic deal on a brand new paddleboard? Enter Board of the Week.

The range of use of these longboard style SUPs is simply amazing. They work great for SUP beginners, flat water cruisers, first time wave SUPers and for wave experts.They are super easy to ride and turn, surprisingly fast and work in pretty much any condition. Pictured below is the 9'8 x 30" JP All Around. Perfect for those smaller people looking for one board to do it all. Pictured below is the actual board being offered. This board is brand new!

JP 9'8 x 30 all around SUP

Specs - 9'8" Long x 30" Wide. Volume 139l. Contstuction Gloss Wood. Weight 22lbs. 3 Fin thruster set up.

Price - Retail $1569. SALE PRICE $999!!!! Save $570. First come first serve so hurry on down!


A concave nose, based on longboard designs, creates more lift when touching the water and avoids nose diving. Very round rails and tuck, like surfboards. When standing in the middle of the board, the relatively flat deck curve makes it easy to keep the balance during paddling.

JP All around rocker line shot

The 9'8″x30″ design was created a high-end all-rounder. With a slightly narrower nose and tail than the 10'8″ this hybrid board provides good glide into waves and allows for faster, tighter turns, while the 30″ mid-section maintains the stability while paddling. The shape suits all riding styles in most conditions! This is the upgrade board for riders who are looking for the more radical feel of a shorter board, without compromising on stability. Also a great windsurf toy. Call 415-524-8492 with any questions.

Ok so you are little bigger and need some more volume. Time to look at the the JP Widebody.

JP Widebody

The versatility of Wide Body SUPs has made them popular amongst water sports enthusiasts of all ages around the world. Perfect for a social paddle with family and friends on rivers and lakes and for exciting sessions on the ocean. These boards are usable for every member of the family. Take your kids, your partner or even the dog for a cruise on flat water, or find some waves and exercise your first rides.

JP Australia

Being rather wide makes them super stable platforms. All three boards are also great beginner and cruiser windsurf boards.

rocker line

Big and stable enough for anybody everybody. A perfect family toy! Great SUP and windsurf beginner board as well as a fun board for the advanced SUPer and Windsurfer. The increased length and volume offer extra stability and allows you to experience that planing sensation as soon as the wind picks up. Works perfect for flatwater paddling or a rookie windsurf session in flat water as well as in small waves for SUPing and Windsurfing. If you want a board for the whole family or simply something big – this is the one.

Specs - 10'9" long x 32" wide. Volume 189l. Weight 37.1lbs. Constuction - Wood Matt.

Retail Price - $1333. SALE PRICE $899 - Save $433 - Call 415-524-8492 with any questions.

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