101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking on San Francisco Bay

Epic surfskis1

Convenience is key when we are trying to cram water time into our busy lives and surfskis are a convenient way to get your fix. While they are the fastest paddle craft on the water they are also easy to use.

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Epic V7 surfski

NEW for 2017, we are delighted to announce that Epic Surfskis and Wing Paddles are available to demo and buy at 101 Surf Sports. We are stoked to be partnering with Epic Kayaks, the world's leading manufacturer of performance kayaks, surfskis and paddles.

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San Rafael Bay

Surfskis are the fastest paddlecraft on the water. If you are looking for a great low impact workout that uses all the major muscle groups or a way to get out on the water to enjoy the incredible scenery and wildlife that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer, surfski paddling is a great option. Surfskis can be used for racing or touring. Here at 101 Surf Sports we have partnered with Epic Kayaks, the world's leading manufacturer of surfskis and performance kayaks and we use the V7 surfski in our introductory lesson.

We also rent Epic Surfski's for $30 for one $50 for two hours or $70 for the day on site. Off site is $100 for the first day and $50 each additional day. 

WHEN: Based on mutual availability of you and our instructor. 

WHERE: 101 Surf Sports Redwood City Friday through Sunday OR San Rafael Monday through Thursday. 

COST: $100 includes the PFD, Boat, and wing paddle.

Wetsuits are not 100% necessary but they can help you feel more comfortable initially. We do not rent wetsuits but we do sell them. A good suit is about $150-$180. 

If you have already got the basics down we also offer dedicated stroke lessons to get you going farther faster. 

How to schedule? Call us at 415-524-8492 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Epic V5 Surfski

A surfski is essentially a sit-on-top kayak that is designed to glide through the water efficiently. You steer using foot pedals so all your effort can be used to propel the kayak forwards, allowing you to cover a lot more distance than a typical kayak. You can use any type of kayak paddle with a surfski but we recommend Epic's Wing paddle. Ultralight and extremely efficient, the wing paddle takes a bit of getting used to, but once mastered, will help you to develop a powerful and efficient forward stroke.

In addition to the forward stroke we will cover safety; how to remount your surfski in the event of a capsize; what clothing to wear for the conditions we experience here in the San Francisco Bay Area; how to tour using a surfski and places to go; training tips and how to prepare for your first race.

LOGISTICS: Sunscreen and Hats are recommended. Please avoid Cotton Attire as its not good on the water. Synthetic fibers like Polyester are ideal. Things like biking clothes, yoga pants, and/or rashguards make for the best on the water wear. All Paddles, Life Jackets, Leashes, and boats will be provided. Bring plenty of water to drink and a picnic lunch for after your lesson.

Questions? Call us at 415-524-8492, email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Congratulations on owning the fastest paddlecraft on the San Francisco Bay! Surfskis are tons of fun and great exercise and your surfski will last a lifetime if you look after it.

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One of the biggest challenges for the San Francisco Bay Area paddler is deciding what to wear and when wear it, while kayaking or paddling surfski on The Bay. With the dramatic temperature variables of water and air at play, and the possibility of a capsize and swim, choosing the right gear can make the difference between a good day or a bad day on the water.

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101 Surf Sports Surfski & Kayak Course Records

Course Name Board/Boat   Conditions Division M/F   Date     Time     Prior Record
Marin Islands Carter Johnson Huki Surfski    Flat - light flood Surfski Men   3/11/17     42:17     Carter Johnson 2/11/17 43:13
Marin Islands Frank Perroneto / Amy Byers Double Surfski   Flat - with light flood Double Surfski Mixed   3/11/17     43:35      
Piling 17 course Carter Johnson Surfski  

Flat 1mph wind and flood tide

Surfski Men   10/18/15     45:34      52:34 Carter Johson 11/8/14
Piling 7 Course Team Selvidge SUP Squatch   Flat water - light tides Squatch Mixed   09/22/18     33:54      
Piling 7 course Kurt Feeter 8'2" Quad Surf board   Flat - perfect weather Smallest Ever SUP Men   2/3/18     49:07      
Piling 7 Course David Hook 11'2 Blend   Flat - perfect weather SUP Under 12'6 Men   2/3/18   : 40:13      
Piling 7 Course Madeleine King 10'5 Drive   Flat - perfect weather SUP Under 12'6 Women   2/3/18     43:12      
Piling 7 Course Ariel Bryant Surfski   Hail and Wind - 1.5 knot flood tide Surfski Women & U18   3/11/17     22:36      Chloe Madden 22:51 3/1/17
Piling 7 Course


Jasper Cadell & Philip Majumadar

Surfski   Flat - 1kt flood surfski Men & U18  


2/3/18 (pm)

Piling 7 Course Bob Cooper Necky 13ft Kayak  

Flat Water - 1 knot flood

Kayak Men   5/5/12      31.19    

 Bob Cooper 5/5/12 34.35

101 to Paradise Park Priscilla Mckenney Kayak  

15-20 NNW against a 1.4 flood

Kayak Women    12/7/13     1:33:06      
Fort Baker to Shop Carter Johnson & Allison Loomis Double Surfski   2 knot flood 5-8mph SSE Double Surfski Coed   12/12/15     1:36:25      
Fort Baker to Shop Kenny Howell Surfski   2 knot flood 5-8mph SSE Surfski Men   12/12/15     1:36:26      
Fort Baker to Shop James Sweeney Sea kayak  

 2 knot flood and 5-8 mph SSE Winds

Sea Kayak Men   12/12/15     2:17:00      


So come on down and get your game on and try to set a new benchmark! Records can be set any time by either filing a GPS course map or coming by the shop to have an official timer start and finish you . Course Maps Below

Piling 7 Course

Short Course Stand Up pAddleboard record marin county

Marin Islands Course

Stand Up paddleboard long course Marin County


Do You Have a Record to Submit for a Different Course?

Send us your time with some form of corroboration and we will gladly list it. Tell us:

  • When you did it
  • What craft you used (surfski/kayak/OC/SUP)

Ideas for Downwind Courses

Oyster Point to 101 Surf Sports (Redwood City) - 15.5 miles

Bodega Harbor to Lawsons Landing - 7 miles

Lawsons Landing to Millerton Point (Tomales Bay) - 11 miles

Bolinas to Horseshoe Cove - 14 miles

Horseshoe Cove to Berkeley Marina -9 miles

Davenport Landing to Santa Cruz (Cowells) - 14.5 miles

Santa Cruz (Cowells) to Monterey (Municipal Beach) - 26 miles

Ideas for Circuit Courses

101 Surf Sports (San Rafael) - Sisters - Brothers - Red Rock - 101 - 14.5 miles

Alcatraz & Angel Island Circumnavigation from Horseshoe Cove - 11 miles


Upcoming Events

Fri Oct 19 @ 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Free Group SUP Surf Sesh
Sat Oct 20 @12:00AM
Open - Redwood City (Saturday)
Sat Oct 20 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Fall Water Sports Swap Meet - Redwood City
Sat Oct 20 @ 9:30AM - 11:00AM
Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons.
Sat Oct 20 @12:00PM - 03:00PM
Margarita Run Windsurf Racing!
Sun Oct 21 @12:00AM
Open - Redwood City (Sunday)
Sun Oct 21 @ 9:00AM - 05:00PM
Paddle Fundraiser For San Rafael Channel Dredging
Sun Oct 21 @ 9:30AM - 11:00AM
Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons.
Mon Oct 22 @10:00AM - 06:00PM
See A Portable Surf Shack - Humble House Comes To Marin
Mon Oct 22 @ 4:00PM - 10:00PM
Drink & Eat To Help The San Rafael Channel & 101 Surf Sports!

Epic surfski action shot