Are ready to try SUP. Wing, or Surf Foiling? Well, we are ready to help you get going with some lessons from one of the best. 

avery dinauer foilboard lessons

Waterman extraordinaire Avery Dinauer to teach watersports in conjunction with 101 Surf Sports. Avery will offer lessons in E-foiling, Wingsurfing, Windsurfing, SupFoiling, and Supfoiling.

In the 35 years that Avery Dinauer has spent in the waters of Northern California and has amassed a full resume of knowledge and expertise in a host of water disciplines and now is willing to share with the 101 Surf Sports community. 

Avery has been teaching windsurfing for the last 20 years years. He teaches these sports with the aid of helmets with microphones and 2-way headsets that make the learning experience easy and informative.

To book a lesson Avery can be reached at 707-775-7629 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

avery dinauer wing foiling and SUP Surfing lessons