Tahoe Crossing
Saturday, September 18, 2021, 08:00am - 05:00pm

tahoe paddle racing



The Lake Crossing is set apart from paddle races by its length (22 miles) and the majestic paddle across Lake Tahoe nicknamed the Alpine Caribbean. Surrounded by 2000' peaks. Lake Tahoe is known worldwide as a skiers' paradise, where people don't know is that the alpine destination is the largest flat-water paddle venue in the world, where the serenity of the deep blue water meets the towering pines that sway in the Northern California Breeze.

The distance calls for paddlers with a bucket list who have committed to their training and to put their pursuit of endurance and adventure paddling. The course is one that requires some preparation but it is sure to be a fun, rewarding, and memorable experience. Tahoe Waterman is a paddling community of people who come together to commemorate a true love for paddle sports and adventure.  They inspire one another, cheer each other on, and at the end of the day, they revel in the beauty of a shared victory.

To answer the popular demand, we are opening the race for relay teams to participate in the crossing for 2020.  All teams are welcome (single-gender, mixed gender, one craft, mixed craft, all ages) with a maximum of 4 participants per team.  all Team is responsible to secure an escort boat. Once the team secures an escort your team will need to complete a safety registration form to have permission to follow a team.

Because there are a few little tricks that you will want to know, make sure to listen in during the race briefing or contact Tahoe Waterman for a clinic with our local pros. 

We will be checking the weather forecast during the week of the race and be giving updates as the week progresses. If the weather is not showing signs for a safe voyage on Tahoe, we are reserving Sunday, September 19, 2020, for a weather day.