Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga San Rafael Marin County

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga in Marin County San Rafael

101 Surf Sports is proud to announce the arrival of Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga to Marin County right here in San Rafael.

Yoga on Stand Up Paddleboards blends all the positives of a good work out for mind and body by taking your class to the water. By introducing an extra element of balance to the overall equation you'll get a Yoga class unlike any you've had before. And rest assured 101 Surf Sports has the perfect board to improve the likelihood your yoga experience a dry one.

 Classes are $35 for 90 minutes of instruction and run on every Saturday at Noon.

 Reservations are required and scheduling can be impacted by weather. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

101 Surf Sports has partnered with Arjay Parker of OnBoard SUP Fitness to provide world class Yoga & Fitness classes right here in Marin County. We offer both group classes and one on one instruction.

SUP Yoga Marin County

Stand Up paddleboard yoga san rafael

Why SUP Yoga? By doing your Yoga on a paddleboard your body and mind are constantly engaged due to the natural variations in balance of the board on the water. This unique and non repetetive motion engages hundreds of proprioceptors "small balance muscles" aligning your spine and other major joints including hips, knees, and ankles. Stand Up Paddling Yoga is a fanatastic low impact sport that can be incorporated as cross training to help you improve in the sports you already participate in. By including SUP Yoga in to your regular workout routine you will gain that edge to get you performance the next level in all your activities. In addition SUP Yoga can dramatically reduce your aches and pains by strengthening and aligning your joints and muscles all in the serene evironment of the water.


  • Weather can vary greatly so layered clothing is a great way to be prepared before and after your session.
  • A swimsuit or sports tank and shorts are the most appropriate attire. Add a rash guard top and/or sunscreen to help protect yourself from the sun. Lycra or other synthetic attire is the way to go and cotton fabrics should be avoided.
  • Hats and sunglasses are also helpful in protecting against the sun, but remember leashes for those sun glasses as can fall off easily in poses like downward dog.
  • Drink plenty of water before class since it's hard to rehydrate on the board.
  • Bring an open mind and your sense of playfulness!

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Yoga on Stand Up Paddleboards in Marin County