This November we celebrate 12 years of serving our community with an all-day thank-you party and store wide sale.

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 learn to efoil

Embrace the Bay Area's serene winter weather and make the most of it! Winter is the perfect time to master the art of foiling, especially with calm waters.

101 Surf Sports now offers E-Foil lessons that let you glide through the tranquil winter Bay. Our state-of-the-art Lift E-Foil board guarantees top-notch performance and a smooth ride, perfectly suited for these calm winter waters. Backed by our expert instructors, it's an ideal setting for all skill levels to quickly conquer the waves.

Our 90-minute lessons unfold in the picturesque San Rafael Bay, and we provide all necessary gear, including wetsuits upon request. Prices are based on machine rentals at $300 per lesson.

Recommended Persons Per Machine Lift E-Foil Machines:
1 Person 1 Machine Minimum
2 People 1 Machine Minimum or 2 Machines
3 People 2 Machines Minimum
4 People 2 Machines Minimum 

 If you have any question just give us a call at 415-524-8492 or send us an email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Used Kayak Sale

Our used gear sale will be the best opportunity for you to save and to save big. Everything in the store is a minimum of 10% off and from there it just gets better. 

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If you are ready to help Maui recover from the fires and have a great time doing it then join us September 30th for an Oktoberfest themed affair. We will have an amazing raffle and auction that is stacked with incredible items.  

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help maui recover

While any natural disaster is devastating, the recent Lahaina fires hit particularly close to home. Some of us may have been affected directly, but all of us are deeply moved. Though many miles may separate us from the shores of Maui, we are all united by our deep love for the ocean and the vibrant watersports community it has birthed.

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