Duotone Unit Dlab 2023

We are starting a new era of Wing design and construction and Duotone continues to be out front, way out front. While there have been some incremental improvements throughout the line design-wise, there has been a major innovation in construction and it's called MOD3.

Starting with the new 2023 Unit you will see improved handles, more functional window placement, and tighter canopy tension amongst some of the new tweaks. The big change however is the introduction of the MOD3 material used in constructing the canopy. In short, what MOD3 does is improve wing stability by keeping the center of effort (draft) more consistent. A stable draft is a critical design feature as it improves not only low-end power but also increases the high-end wind range. As larger gusts hit the wing it maintains a smooth, even, feeling. Stable draft is where it's at and you will feel the low-end grunt with just one pump of the wing. So while the wing is more expensive you will need fewer wings to cover the same wind ranges. 

Duotone Unit Mod3 material

MOD3 not only improves performance you will find the wing more durable to tears, and a longer lasting performance lifetime due to less stretch. The higher modulus MOD3 fabric holds the shape of the wing with double the strength in the warp direction and 3 times the stretch resistance in bias direction (see above) compared to traditional canopies. The new MOD3 material does make the wing a scoche heavier than last year's wing. With that said every ounce is worth it.

Duotone Unit Size range

If low weight is your thing the 2023 Dutone Slick will continue the SLS construction into 2023 keeping it the lightest full boom wing on the market. 

Dutone 2023 Unit Dlab wings

We just received a large shipment of 2023 wings and as the new comes in the old must go. We have a massive sail on our 2022 Duotone Slicks in the non-SLS models as well as last year's Unit and Unit DLabs. Save up to 40% and FREE SHIPPING on all close-out wings. If that's not a big enough discount we also have a large selection of Used Duotone Wings in excellent condition at firesale prices. 

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See Our Duotoine Slick Wings On Sale Here

To find out about used gear call Cort at 415-699-7979 to see what is available. 

Check out the 2023 Duotone Unit Product Video Below.