Our first words on this virus are words of gratitude & love for the tremendous outpouring of support we have received from our community. We follow that with a huge dose of reciprocity of love and appreciation right back at you. With the mandated closure of our business we know we will have some trying days ahead. But also knowing the depth and breadth of our local community's Ohana for what we do drives us to just keep doing it no matter what gets thrown at us.

We know there is a ton of information floating around out there on all this but we wanted to focus on one element that had us a bit confused at first. That is that Shelter in Place actually promotes going outside.  

Whether it is biking or running or paddling or whatever "ing" it's Ok to be out there doing it. In fact, The Shelter In Place measures actually encourage you to go outside. Marin County has a pretty well thought out and comprehensive Corona Virus FAQ site that is worth a full read. We however, are going to focus on this one element below we copied directly from the site. 

"Spending time outside improves mood and well being, and is particularly beneficial to children. You can go for walks, go to the park, and engage in other similar activities, but should maintain social distance (i.e. be more than 6 feet away from persons who are not part of your household) when on walks and in parks to avoid spread of the virus." 

Our strategy is to do more than the officials are asking. So lets call it 10 feet apart. It's also going to be important to go where no one else is. Go early, go late, find an really open space. For example. Looking for a paddling adventure? Try Sherman Island in Rio Visto. Massive amounts of open space, no people in sight, and access to the water. There are other places so break out google earth and find them. Do not head to Muir Woods for a hike where you will find crowds and congestion. 

Andy Lynch, a spokesperson for San Francisco Mayor London Breed's office, also said. "'s the same policy for other outdoor activities. Yes, people should exercise for mental and physical health, but they should maintain social distance of at least six feet from others and not do it in a group. You should wash your hands after the activity." Lynch added that if you go "with another person, it should be someone you're self-quarantining with at home. If it's a person outside your household, you should maintain a distance of six feet"(from SF Gate)

We know that in the days ahead the next fever to strike will be cabin fever. It's important we don't let our guard down as our tensions and anxieties escalate. But with some basic common sense getting outdoors in the days ahead will be even more important in maintaining our overall health. 

Go kayaking

Getting people on the water. That is our entire purpose. With some new best practices and your common sense we are working on some plans to adapt and get you back out there.

First up its Ok to launch your kayak, paddleboard, or other craft here at the shop while we are closed. Remembering of course to follow the rules mentioned above. Please only use the dock during what would be our normal operating hours. M-F 10am to 6pm. Sat - Sun 9am to 6pm. No early morning or late evening paddling. Also note we have no restroom onsite you can use. Please use the facilities before coming.  

Paddleboard and kayak storage

Secondly we can still get you gear. By using our online website and our SportBox locker systems we can still get you almost anything in the shop. The shop however is closed so here is how it will work. When you buy something online you can choose to have it shipped directly to you OR you can choose the Free Pick Up In Store Option. After you check out online we will then place all your purchases in our outdoor sportbox locker for you to pick up at your convenience. Within 6-8 hours we will email you with a locker location along with the code to open it. Unfortunately you will not be able to come inside the store nor will anyone be able to help you onsite . 

Kayak and paddleboard storage with water access

If you would like to store your paddleboard, outrigger canoe, surfski, kayak or other water toy on-site to make paddling easier in the days ahead we will be able to get you set up. 

Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your gear stored at the water's edge.

Lastly we are working on a self service rental model. One that will involve online payment and reservations along with self service access to the equipment. Look for more information on that program soon. 

We take our purpose seriously of getting people to enjoy the water seriously. In this case we believe our purpose can also help beat this thing back while providing a some health and wellness during these times. We have worked hard,and are proud of having built such a vibrant and caring community that has brought us all closer together. For now though we should do our outdoors activities in a community of one. 

We send out our thoughts and our prayers to all. And we hope to see you soon - from 6 feet away - and preferably on the water. Stay safe.

go paddleboarding for your health



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