Surfski racing on San Francisco Bay

It was a roll of the dice on a passing frontal system that made it one tough call on the course for today's race.  

Under blue skies and a 10-15mph WNW wind it was a hearty crew of veteran paddlers that made the race directors decision a tough one. Under normal circumstances we would have limited the racing to the San Rafael Canal. The assembled paddlers exerted some peer pressure to send them out and send them we did. 

The first leg of the race was a nice little downwinder but you know what that means for the return trip. The pain of the upwind leg was somewhat offset by a strong incoming tide so while it was a lot of work the times were quite impressive. The race that was scheduled for the day was our 13 miler Fort Baker to San Rafael rbut it was those forecasted winds that made us change our plans and reset the action to the San Rafael Bay. 

As the paddlers took off from the starting line (video above) the wind did a little kick up and that had us second guessing our decision. The high caliber of the fleet however was a security blanket that left us feeling confident that fun would be had for those up for the challenge. The run down to the San Rafael islands was about as good as it gets with the trip home being where the heavy lifting was done. 

The race of the day was the double surfki of Baden & Easterbrook vs. Epic Kayaks Kenny Howell vs. Lizzie Polgreen. The three paddlers were in a dead heat sprint for the finish with Lizzie taking the win by a nose and only a few second separating the three (pictured below).

Paddleboard Racing

Special thanks to David Hook for taking out the rescue boat and sweeping the course. While no one needed help it sure did put our mind at ease. Also thanks to Officer Mark Heedon and the San Rafael Police boat for keeping tabs on the fleet.

One more thanks to Rune Hoyer Nieslon for leading an actual rescue. One of our elderly neighbors fell in the water by accident and with his broken arm could not get out of the water. Rune calmed the man while leading the team to get him first on to a paddleboard that was then lifted on to the dock. Thanks Rune! 

Support the businesses that support our sport!

We could not do these races with out the support of our sponsors. Hint Water has been with us since the beginning - Thanks Hint. As usual we ask you to support the businesses that support our sport. So this Holiday Season make sure to get Mamie's Pies and Three Twins Ice Cream both of whom have supported our race sereis for many years. Thanks as well to everyone who raced.

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Photo Gallery

Name(s) # Category Age Group Gender Time Rank Div Rank
Lise Oberth, Ben Lawry 18 Surfski Double 18-55 mixed 00:44:42.77 1 1
Amy Byers, John Dye 8 Surfski Double 18-55 mixed 00:45:27.48 2 2
Lizzie Polgreen 12 Surfski Single 18-55 female 00:46:49.89 3 1
Elaine Baden, John Easterbrook 1 Surfski Double 56+ mixed 00:46:50.18 4 1
Kenny Howell 22 Surfski Single 56+ male 00:46:51.43 5 1
Paul Macintyre 9 Surfski Single 56+ male 00:50:45.76 6 2
Doug Kidder 30 OC-1 56+ male 00:57:09.51 7 1
Fred Anderson, Kate Anderson 23 OC-2 56+ male 00:58:54.93 8 1
Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen 24 OC-1 18-55 male 01:01:34.16 9 1
Zach Jirkovsky 15 Prone (All) 18-55 male 01:02:04.18 10 1
Chad Raugewitz 28 SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:03:47.62 11 1
Grant Mcfadyen 20 SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:03:59.44 12 2
Jeff Broffman 21 SUP 14' 56+ male 01:22:01.94 13 1
Janet Walp 26 SUP 12'6" 56+ female 01:29:41.63 14 1
Trey Strickland 25 SUP 12'6 Open male 01:29:52.48 15 1
Clare Abram 27 SUP 12'6" 18-55 female 01:31:31.74 16 1
LIZ GALLAGHER 31 Surfski Single 18-55 female 01:42:53.85 17 2
Sunny Blende 29 SUP 12'6 Masters female 00:38:19.59 1 1







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