The Leukemia Lymphoma SUP Cup Paddle Race at 101 Surf Sports

It is with enormous gratitude we look back upon the 4th Annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Society SUP Cup. With a weather window as narrow and as treacherous as we have ever seen it was one big dose of karma, we were able to get the race off at all.

With fires raging to our north the weather forecasters were calling for 40-50 mph winds to start filling in from that same direction essentially pushing it right over us. To top it all off we were staring down an imminent power shut off that would leave us forced to cancel the event.

These winds not only fan the flames they also inundate everything south of them in an ever-increasing acrid plume of smoke. As we rose on the morning of the event however were blessed with a nice 10mph westerly that showered us in what likely will be the last fresh air we will all breathe for a week. The planned power outages seemed to magically just keep getting pushed out.


The day started with quick prayer of hopefulness for our friends up north. While the smoke and lack of power is a pain in our ass it pales when compared to those living the nightmare of a “mandatory evacuation”. And some with fates much much worse. With then turned our attention to the task at hand – beating down cancer with our paddles. After a remembrance of those we have lost. we joined together to channel our positive juju to those still fighting. With a sweep of the finger we all felt the depth and scale of the impact cancer has had on our community as broadcast our strength to those that needed it.


We then refocused and Cort reminded us of the impact that we are all having. He reinforced this with a note from his partner in health, UCSF Oncologist Dr. Babis Andreadis, exemplifying just how much events like this are doing to make real progress in the fight. Cort’s own personal journey battling Mantle Cell Lymphoma was a case in point. When first diagnosed with the disease he was given and 80% chance of dying in 5 years. Some 10 years later he is in remission, his prognosis is bright, and has been off chemotherapy for some 18 months. As Babis has told him “the goal here Cort is that something else will kill you first”.


The action started with all the racers taking to the water to do battle on one of two courses. Our 2-mile short course stays in the protected waters of the San Rafael as it loops out to Suisun Bay and back. The 6-mile long course goes out and around the Marin. This year’s event was once again sellout that saw over 100 paddlers getting in on the do-gooding.

Our paddle of the day has to go Team T-Rex. The Selvidge and Moseby clans were all riding together in prehistoric style. We are pretty sure their time on the short course in the T-Rex division will stand the test of time. Speaking of records two more were set on the day. Sarah Pile laid down a best ever XXXX in the paddle with dog division. Steve Perliss showed records can be won at the registration desk pumping up a pioneering 1 hr and 22 minute time in the inflatable surf sup category on the long course.

We then put our gratitude in high gear. Events like this are only successful when the hard work is put in ahead of time. While we have to thank everyone, who volunteered with have to lather some extra praise on Bruce Albhom and Mimi Towle who have literally been helping out over the past 2 months get us ready.


Hartman Studio’s was incredibly gracious in donating the circus-worthy tent that housed our charity auction and gave the whole event the feeling of something special. Our primary sponsors were the companies that make the boards we love so much. With Starboard, SIC Maui, Solstice, and Jimmy Lewis all donating boards to our cause. Boards need paddles and it was Quickblade and Werner paddles that were there to make that happen.

Carve Designs and O’Neill Wetsuits put not only their money in but their heart and effort as well. Both attended the event running insane $5 trunk sale items with all the proceeds going to LLS. We saw multiple people essentially purchase entire wardrobes. O’Neill Wetsuits then upped the ante donating 3 techno-butter wetsuits to our auctions.

The Oktoberfest themed après race scene saw lederhosen all about but it was those worn by our incredible food sponsors, and chefs, Tom Sixsmith and Jen Contreras that has us most dankbar. The pair of Napa chefs whipped up a bavarian feast fit for the Kaiser. We can’t say enough for the effort and time they have put into this event year after year. Special thanks to Cakebread Cellars and Trinchero Estates for loaning us these two culinary meister’s.


Our stalwart race sponsors Hint Water, Kind Bar and The Fruit Guys were there as usual. With Oktoberfest the theme the beer had better be good. There are so many reasons to like Fort Point Brewery but it all starts with the best beer – they got it – and they gave it. Ehlers & Jordan Wineries provided cases and magnums to help the cause. For those not into the grape Hanson’s Vodka and Gossling's Rum were there to console. 

The Swag pile was high. Epic Kayaks Thermal shirts were a hit of the raffle and many an orange headed noggin’ will be seen bobbing the bay with their new dayglo Epic Safety Hats. Gift Certificates from Poggio, Copita, Moseley’s. Tamal Pie, Buckeye Roadhouse, Theresa & Johnny’s. Athleta, Harmony, and Brewsters were all auctioned off next to bountiful gift baskets from Equator Coffee and Maui Jim Sunglasses. Stay Covered Wax gave wax to all. Thanks to the San Rafael Police Department and Officer Mark Hedon for keeping an extra eye on the water for us.


For those that may not know The Corinthian Yacht Club is the originator of the SUP Cup. The club has not just supported this event but also runs its sister event in sailing. The two events together make for two awesome weekends of our communities getting together. Thanks to Commodore Blake Davis, the Board and all the CYC Members. If we had a word bigger than Thank You, we’d use it on CYC Vice Commodore Chris Canada. Quite simply Chris is a driving force for positive change and we are proud to call her our partner in doing just that.

In the last but absolutely not least of thank you’s we have one huge “atta-girl” for Stefanie Taylor from the LLS. Stefanie’s hard work and attention to the details really helped make the day a special one for all.

And of course, thanks to all who raced. Signing up and showing up is how we make real change. When we say “using our paddle to beat cancer” we mean it.

It's not too late to donate! If you want to help then you still can by donating here on Cort's Page. 

If you had fun, we invite you to join us at one of our regular winter paddle race series. These races are perfect for first time racers and elite athletes alike and we hope to see you again soon. Preferably on the water.

SEE OUR RACE SERIES INFORMATION HERE - Next race in San Rafael November 9th and Redwood City November 16th.

Oh yeah – we raised over $30,000! Thank You!


COMPLETE RESULTS (Short Course subtract 10 minutes to get actual time. Long course SUP -1 minute)

SUPSQUATCH Team Selvidge / Moseby First Place          
SUPSQUATCH Team CYC Kahn Second Place          
SUPSQUATCH Team Marin Magazine Third Place          
Event Name Name(s) Category Age Group Gender Time Rank Div Rank
Long Course  John Dye Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ male 47:27.0 1 1
Long Course  Josh Luria, William Coley OC-2 18-54 male 47:37.2 2 1
Long Course  Paul Macintyre Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ male 48:21.9 3 2
Long Course  Mitch Powers Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ male 50:14.1 4 3
Long Course  Jonathan Gray Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ male 52:00.6 5 4
Long Course  Amy Byers Surfski Single 18-54 female 52:12.8 6 1
Long Course  Jeff Kay OC-1 18-54 male 56:24.3 7 1
Long Course  Bojan Bernard SUP 14' 18-54 male 57:00.4 8 1
Long Course  Pete Gauvin SUP 14' 18-54 male 57:24.2 9 2
Long Course  Geoff James Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ male 58:28.1 10 5
Long Course  Mike Mccoy Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ male 59:04.4 11 6
Long Course  Dave Hook OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+ male 00:36.4 12 1
Long Course  Stephanie  Taylor Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ female 03:15.8 13 1
Long Course  Jen Fuller SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ female 04:09.9 14 1
Long Course  John Walsh SUP 14' 18-54 male 04:10.4 15 3
Long Course  Nadine Manfredi Surfski Single 18-54 female 05:17.1 16 2
Long Course  Sandra Bostjancic SUP 14' U18 female 05:41.2 17 1
Long Course  Cary Fergus OC-1 Sr. Masters 55+ male 05:45.1 18 2
Long Course  Vincent Fallourd SUP 14' 18-54 male 06:59.8 19 4
Long Course  Jeff Broffman SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 07:13.8 20 1
Long Course  Micah Hankins SUP 14' 18-54 male 07:26.9 21 5
Long Course  Leo Montero SUP 14' 18-54 male 08:58.2 22 6
Long Course  Natalie Fon SUP 14' 18-54 female 09:13.7 23 1
Long Course  Chris Matson SUP 14' 18-54 male 13:07.3 24 7
Long Course  Scott Laberge SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ male 13:22.1 25 1
Long Course  Lori Drourr SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 13:23.4 26 1
Long Course  Matt Cornfoot SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 13:34.8 27 2
Long Course  Gary Leong SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 14:42.3 28 3
Long Course  Devina Horstmann SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 15:47.0 29 2
Long Course 

Bob Cooper,Brendan Cooper

Double Kayak Sr. Masters 55+ male 16:17.9 30 1
Long Course  Vincent Huang SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 16:27.4 31 4
Long Course  Riley Hurd SUP 14' 18-54 male 16:39.0 32 8
Long Course  Brian Thomas Prone (All) Sr. Masters 55+ male 17:03.5 33 1
Long Course  Mark Cappa Prone (All) Sr. Masters 55+ male 17:04.5 34 2
Long Course  Albert Tommei SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ male 17:31.1 35 2
Long Course  Kate Andersen SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 17:41.5 36 3
Long Course  Alex Groswird SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 19:00.3 37 5
Long Course  Neil Zelin Surfski Single Sr. Masters 55+ male 22:26.6 38 7
Long Course  Matt Zelin Surfski Single 18-54 male 22:34.1 39 1
Long Course  Steven Perliss Inflatable Paddleboard Sr. Masters 55+ male 22:38.6 40 1
Long Course  Bruce Bell SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ male 24:14.5 41 3
Long Course  Angie  Rando SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 24:34.2 42 1
Long Course  Sunny Blende SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 24:56.3 43 2
Long Course  Mark Ames SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 27:00.2 44 6
Long Course  Nancy Bell SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ female 37:26.3 45 2
Long Course  Genevieve Allen SUP 14' 18-54 female 37:31.8 46 2
Short Course Kris Muller SUP 14' 18-54 male 40:08.2 1 1
Short Course Jie Jiang SUP 14' 18-54 male 40:48.2 2 2
Short Course Max Newkirk SUP 12'6" u-18 male 41:22.1 3 1
Short Course Jared Caldwell SUP 14' 18-54 male 41:40.6 4 3
Short Course Liz Newkirk SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 41:41.6 5 1
Short Course Steve Wegner SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 42:49.6 6 1
Short Course Cathy Huang SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 43:02.4 7 1
Short Course Kim Charlesworth SUP 12'6" u-18 male 43:44.7 8 2
Short Course Ian sander SUP 12'6" 18-54 male 45:31.5 9 1
Short Course Sara Pile SUP or Kayak With Dog 18-54 female 46:30.1 10 1
Short Course Cindy Vannieuwburg Kayak Sit on Top (1) Sr. Masters 55+ female 46:44.5 11 1
Short Course William Lanier Inflatable Paddleboard Or Kayak 18-54 male 47:53.9 12 1
Short Course Lenn Pryor SUP 14' 18-54 male 48:05.1 13 4
Short Course Sarah Knowles SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 48:10.0 14 2
Short Course Regina Feltman SUP (All) 18-54 female 49:30.0 15 1
Short Course Charlie Spring SUP (All) 18-54 male 49:35.0 16 1
Short Course David Dryden SUP (All) Sr. Masters 55+ male 50:22.8 17 1
Short Course Eva Leska SUP 14' 18-54 female 50:52.3 18 1
Short Course Daphne Church SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 52:04.4 19 3
Short Course Cindy Pereira SUP 12'6" Sr. Masters 55+ female 54:21.9 20 2
Short Course Caroline O'driscoll SUP 12'6" 18-54 female 55:05.7 21 4
Short Course Maxwell Drever SUP 14' Sr. Masters 55+ male 01:17.1 22 2
Short Course Marc LaRhette SUP (All) Sr. Masters 55+ male 18:45.5 23 2


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