The SUP Fleet readies for action

This race is never easy. Frankly it's the one race a year that makes our knees knock a bit. This years race saw a 10-12 mph North East wind buffeting the paddlers over 3/4 of the the 13-mile course. Needless to say no records were broken, but some good times were had, and we know some folks will be waking up with some sore muscles on Sunday morning. 

The day dawned on the chilly side, but with flat water, and the aforementioned North-East wind. the course looked like a tough one. The one knot tide helping the paddlers get home was also kicking up some unusual chop as it worked in the opposite direction of the wind.

Neptune did give us a good sign however, as the paddlers were heading out. Just outside the starting line was a school of about 30 bottle-nose dolphin feeding on herring. With birds diving, fins slashing, and blow holes puffing it was a show worthy of National Geographic. We were stoked to have such a big fleet of Prone Paddleboards with stock, 14, and unlimited's on the line. This was however also a diverse affair. With SUP, Surfski, Double Surfski's, OC1, OC2 and even an OC3!.

"It was a 13-mile buffet of side chop and headwind" said first to finish Amy Byers and John Dye. Pretty much summing up their first to finish victory that earned them a free pair of Monster Straps from Mile 22.  

The Prone Fleet jumps off the line

In years past we have had 25 knot winds and in one year it rained so hard the night before that despite the incoming tide the water was still flowing out the gate. By all accounts this year’s weather brought a whole new challenge. With sideways running chop and headwinds the whole way the "Strange" in Long Strange Trip was accentuated. 

Paddle of the day for the men goes to Zack Koehn for his second place finish in the prone division. Zack bested all the 14's and other unlimited boards on his stock 12 footer. Nice. Over on the ladies side it was junior Sky Davies taking paddle of the day down. Skye took over 40 minutes off her previous time on this course and in under the 3 hour mark - on a stock prone. Someone's been training! 

Watch a video of the boats starting here

We pass on some extra thanks to the Fruit Guys who set up our starting line and our finish line with a bounty of fresh fruit. They can do the same for your home or office. A bottomless box of Kind Bars and Hint Waters made for healthy snacking and a fleet of hydrated racers who wouldn’t be sugar bonking half way through the race. 

seatrek logo

Thanks to Seatrek for helping with water safety. They provided both driver and boat for the top part of the course and we are stoked for the assistance. Also a huge thanks to the San Rafael's Police boat which had the San Rafael Bay portion of the course covered. We of course could not do with out the support of the businesses you so below. Remember to support the businesses that support your sport. Ask us about the "flywheel effect" and we will let you know.  

Support the businesses that support our sport!

Our next race plans to be a more austere affair. On January 19th right here in San Rafael we will be racing to help our friends impacted by the North Bay Fires. All proceeds from registration will be added to some killer raffle items and a fun live auction that again will see all proceeds go to help those who need it. We will not be running our usual sumptuous lunch spread so we can maximize funds for donation so please bring your own food

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Doug Arnold Photo Gallery - Thanks Doug some great shots in here!

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Complete Results (Prone times accurate as is, SUP subtract 3 minutes, Boats subtract 5 minutes)

Amy Byers, John Dye (Surfski Double, mixed, 18-55) 01:47:01.58 – 1st place

Jay Wild (Surfski Single, male, 18-55) 01:49:31.11- 1st place

Elaine Baden, John Green (Surfski Double, mixed, 56+) 01:53:38.10 – 2nd place

Tim Cornwell (oc-3, male, 18-55) 01:56:49.72

Marco Cochrane, William Coley (OC-2, male, 18-55) 02:00:51.15 – 1st place

Doug Kidder (OC-1, male, 56+) 02:06:43.21 1st place

Kimo Garrigan, Tevita Moce (OC-2, male, 18-55) 02:10:52.29 – 2nd  place

Jeff Kay (OC-1, male, 18-55) 02:14:28.94 – 2nd place

Paul Macintyre (Surfski Single, male,  02:15:27.20

Zach Jirkovsky (Prone (All), male, 18-55) 02:17:03.65 – 1st place

Julieta Gismondi (Surfski Single, female, 18-55) 02:17:53.04 - 1st place

Zach Koehn (Prone (All), male, 18-55) 02:18:40.36 - 2nd place

Lucjan Żołnierowski, Filip Drozdowski (OC-2, male, 18-55) 02:19:52.84 3rd place

Geoff James (OC1, Male 18-55) 02:21:12.46 - 3rd place

Zach Jirkovsky (Prone (All), male, 18-55) 02:17:03.65

Marsha Arnold (Surfski Single, female, 56+) 02:29:21.80 -  1st Place

Pete Gauvin  (SUP 14’ Male 18-55) 02:29:52.51 – 1st place

Shane Mccan (prone (all), male 18-55) 02:30:00.20

Wes Bochner (Prone (All), male, 18-55) 02:30:35.62

John Walsh (OC-1, male, 18-55) 02:36:45.28

Sean Jasso (Prone (All), male, 18-55) 02:41:28.06

Dave Hook (OC-1, male, 56+) 02:42:32.95 – 1st place

Dustin Minor (SUP 14', male, 18-55) 02:43:54.78 – 2nd place

Justin Paulson (SUP 14', male, 18-55) 02:47:08.55 – 3rd place

Paul Foxx (Surfski Single, male, 18-55) 02:52:57.48 – 2nd place

Skye Davies (Prone (All), female, U18) 02:56:51.88 – 1st place

Steve Davies (Prone (All), male, 18-55)  02:56:52.46

Mark Cappa (Prone Unltd male 56+) 02:58:24.42

Jamie Willin (SUP 14', male, 56+) 03:02:14.05

Eamonn McCarey (SUP 12'6", male, 18-55) 03:06:41.14 - 1st place

Kyle Rootsaert (SUP 12'6", male, 18-55)  03:15:36.92 - 2nd place

Rick Coven (Prone (All), male, 56+)  03:24:18.02 -2nd place

Jeff Broffman (SUP 14', male, 56+) 03:26:34.72 – 2nd place

Mel Selvidge (SUP 14', female, 18-55) 03:26:59.01 1st place

Mark Preece (SUP 12'6", male, 56+) 03:32:04.20 - 3rd place

Shawn Callahan  (SUP 14’ male 18-55) 03:27:25.31

Max Montgomery (SUP 14', male, 56+) 03:32:45.24

Jaime Serrano (SUP 14', male, 18-55) 03:34:27.16

Stewart Brant (Prone (All), male, 18-55) 03:36:46.77

Andi Traynor (SUP 12'6", female, 18-55) 03:37:36.79


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