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Stand Up Paddleboard Racing with the Red Dragon 4 person sup

Today’s race was our first to feature some seriously challenging weather in what has been largely a nearly ideal season. With grey clouds in the sky and the radar threatening some showers it was a hearty crew that took up the challenge.

Those showers on the radar turned out to be a significant weather cell. Winds kicked up to the low 20’s and 2 ft chop appeared out of thin air. As the racers struggled with the conditions mother nature had one more surprise. Hail, and lots of it. As BB size hail pelted the fleet many were probably cursing the race director. As quick as it came the weather cell passed and the conditions quickly turned back to more sedate paddling weather and everyone returned to the finish line under their own power.

Hail from todays paddle race

This was our last race of the season in San Rafael with our Redwood City location closing out the winter paddle racing season on March 17th under a St. Patrick’s Day themed race. We were stoked to count amongst the fleet 7 double surfski’s, one 4-man SUP, one SUPsquatch, prone paddleboards, inflatable stand up paddleboards, and outrigger canoes. Diversity and inclusion rules the scene here.

The long course featured 7 double surfski

A special thanks to our incredible sponsors. Hint Water and Kind Bars sat alongside the cornucopia of Fruit courtesy of the Fruit Guys. You can get the Fruit Guys to being fresh fruit to your office or home just hit them up on the web. After racing it was Mamie’s Pies and Three Twins ice cream putting the proverbial cherry on the day. These two local companies have supported us since the beginning. Please support the businesses that support our sport!

 Thanks t our sponsors

Paddle of the day goes to 12-year-old Ariel Bryant who won the short course outright and in doing so posted the fastest women’s ever time on the short course. Nice work Ariel! Honorable mention goes to the 4-person SUP Team of Michael Melville, Lori Drour, Jen Fuller, and Julie Stevens who paddled the long course on the Red Paddle Company Dragon Inflatable SUP Raceboard. The video below is 7 double surfski's lighting up the starting line. 

A special mention has to go out to Michael Hamilton who put on his rescue hat on to help a paddler in need. A paddler had a Surfski that would not stay upright in the rolling swell and Michael pulled his Epic V5 Surfski in to assist. He helped one cold paddler get back in the boat and back to safety. Thanks Michael.

The last race of our winter season is March 17th in Redwood City and will feature a St. Patrick’s theme après paddle affair.

Two other dates of note are our free swap meets. Our San Rafael Swap Meet is set for March 31st while our Redwood City Swap Meet is April 14th.

Thanks to everyone who paddled and braved the elements. We hope to see you at the next one – minus the hail of course.

Complete Photos & Starting Line Videos

Complete Results (Long - Doubles time as is, Boats minus 1 minutes, Sup minus 2 minutes. Short Course minus 7 minutes)

Course Name(s) Craft Age Group Gender Time Rank Div Rank
Long Carter Johnson, Frank Peronetto Surfski Double 18-55 male 00:46:09.61 1 1
Long Dylan Anacleto-black, Jasper Caddell Surfski Double under 18 male 00:46:16.64 2 1
Long John Dye, Amy Byers Surfski Double 18-55 mixed 00:46:48.34 3 1
Long Petri Alva, Zachary Alva Surfski Double under 18 male 00:47:03.16 4 2
Long Elaine Baden, John Easterbrook Surfski Double 18-55 mixed 00:48:26.43 5 2
Long Lise Oberth, Kenny Howell Surfski Double 18-55 mixed 00:52:50.00 6 3
Long Paul Macintyre Surfski Single 56+ male 00:53:38.81 7 1
Long Kasen Taylor, Philip Majumdar Surfski Double under 18 male 00:55:21.62 8 3
Long Rune Hoyer Nielsen OC-1 18-55 male 01:03:23.54 9 1
Long Fred Andersen OC-1 56+ male 01:03:26.44 10 1
Long Misha Riszkiewicz Surfski Single 56+ male 01:09:26.47 11 2
Long Grant Mcfadyen SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:13:34.31 12 1
Long Pete Gauvin SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:13:55.05 13 2
Long Bojan Bernard SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:17:39.21 14 3
Long Barry Wicks SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:18:28.60 15 4
Long Cath Caddell Surfski Single 18-55 female 01:20:19.40 16 1
Long Michael Hamilton Surfski Single 18-55 male 01:22:39.34 17 1
Long Michael Melville SUP Unlimited 56+ mixed 01:22:43.26 18 1
Long Justin Kelly SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:23:10.04 19 5
Long John Walsh SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:23:10.56 20 6
Long Dave Hook OC-1 56+ male 01:28:16.68 21 2
Long Julian Mitchell SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:31:15.46 22 7
Long Aren Hansen Prone 14' 18-55 male 01:34:37.02 23 1
Long Shanna Upton SUP 12'6" 18-55 female 01:35:39.57 24 1
Long Jon Herr SUP 14' 18-55 male 01:40:19.94 25 8
Long Carey Peabody SUP 14' 56+ female 01:42:16.21 26 1
Long Madeleine King SUP 12'6" 56+ female 01:44:23.90 27 1
Short Ariel Bryant Surfski Single under 18 female 00:29:36.57 1 1
Short Tanya Alva Surfski Single 18-55 female 00:34:00.40 2 1
Short Leo Montero SUP 14' 18-55 male 00:35:57.74 3 1
Short Bob Cooper Sea Kayak 56+ male 00:38:16.07 4 1
Short Kim Charlesworth SUP 12'6" 18-55 female 00:39:53.56 5 1
Short Patrick Alteri SUP Under 12'6" 18-55 male 00:41:14.78 6 1
Short Vincent Huang SUP Under 12'6" 56+ male 00:41:15.52 7 1
Short Sarah Robinson SUP 12'6" 18-55 female 00:44:13.43 8 2
Short Treston Vorac SUP Unlimited 18-55 male 00:46:53.16 9 1
Short Cathy Huang SUP Under 12'6" 56+ female 00:52:22.34 10 1


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