A Look into the Future at 101 Surf Sports


Day 3 at 101 Surf Sports started with the first taste of what we had envisioned for 101 Surf Sports starting to take shape; a place for families to come enjoy San Francisco Bay and all the activities like kayaking and stand up paddling that can be experienced in, on and around the water by almost anyone.

Fall in the Bay Area, is better known to locals, as "our summer" and therefore our Indian Summer lasts well into November and this past Sunday was no exception as the weather was sunny 70 F and not a breath of wind. The perfect Fall Day to spend Stand Up Paddling and Kayaking on the San Rafael Canal.

 Stand Up Paddling San Rafael

After spending the past 43 days hard at work in building out 115 3rd Street we were excited to have friends and family stop by and visit 101 as we finished off the days work. Around one, my wife Natasha, our two boys Baxter (3) and Derby (1+), and Petunia, 101's shop dog, arrived to hang out, have lunch and enjoy our play area. So, off to the picnic tables they headed only to be shortly joined by 3 families with 8 "big kids" according to Baxter. Upon seeing the parking lot one of the big kids ran back to the car she arrived in and proceeded to take out: skate boards, scooters, balls, a modern red big wheel creation, bikes and before one could blink the play area was filled with, skateboards, bikes, screams, laughter and the joyous sounds of childhood.

Kayaking the san francisco bay

Twenty minutes of frolicking in the play area and the five year old says to Cort, "I want to try Paddle boarding" and before you could blink an eye 6 children from the ages of 5 to 12 were learning to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) right in front of the 101 Shop here in San Rafael! Even after one child walked off the end of the board and into the Bay, he continued to play with fellow paddlers and at the end of his session was rewarded with a hot outdoor shower, just steps from the private dock at 101. The partners were all grinning from ear to ear as our vision of having families come to a cool place, hang out, exercise and enjoy the Bay and all the beauty that is a place we call home.

 SUP on San Francisco Bay's San Rafael Canal