Inflatable Stand Up Paddling Board (SUP)

At the 2011 Outdoor retailer show I had the pleasure, and sometimes misfortune, of paddling all of the 2012 inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards. Free Demo's for the first 3 months of 2013 - just come on down and paddle!

 To be perfectly honest, and being a bit of a board snob, I was quite jaded on even calling and inflatable SUP a true Stand Up Board and most boards lived up to that expectation. The main problem is rigidity in both paddling and surfing. A bad board feels like standing on a water bed as every ripple in the water causes the board to undulate. One board stood head and shoulders above the rest and really delivered on the promise of what an inflatable SUP could be. The Naish Mana 10' x 6 inch inflatable.

Having been well  schooled on inflatable boats as a life long sailor I saw first hand how an el-cheapo boat falls apart over time and in the inflatable world there is really no cutting corners. It's very different from a traditional board in that there really are no alternative construction techinques that can be used to pull of the old 'price point' board. And Naish has chosen to cut no corners. The key for the Mana is the 6 inch sidewalls (thickness). I believe its the only board on the market with that thick a rail - and it works. On top of the that the construction is "Protector" like. If your familiar with Yachting the Protector brand is the absolute best when it comes to quality in inflatable boats.

The reasons for an inflatable are obvious in that being able to store and transport them is super convenient. However having a super convenient horrible SUP is really just having nothing at all. I also really like the Naish 4" thick Mana because of its superior construction and its a good board for someone who is a little on the smaller side. Under 180 I would say. However the 6" board in my opinion the best of the best. So if you have a small car or apartment, or plan to take your Stand Up Paddle Board on your boat, or just want something easy to travel with make sure to put the Naish Mana on your list. You'll be blown away. Check out this video to see a bit more.