101 Surf Sports Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking on San Francisco Bay


Under blue skies and abundant sunshine, we gathered for our last paddle race of the season. All season long we have been sweating bad weather the night before racing but last night we slept like babes.(pictured Short Course first to finish Leo Montero blazing a tail of sparkles to the finish)

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San Rafael Paddle Race

We spent yesterday wishing away the rain only to awaken to our wishes nearly being granted. However, "Life is not waiting for the storm to pass. It's dancing in the rain." - Vivian Green (all photos by Sophi Rutherford)

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This year’s Cow Patty Paddle race was one that will not soon be forgotten. While it takes a special paddler just to attempt this race in a normal year this year’s event looked a bit more like a mud filled carnage fest. (pictured short course starting line - all photos by River Town Racers)

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ireland paddle tours

Have you ever dreamt about paddling under cliffs that are so high you can barely see the top of them? Or venturing deep into sea caves that go hundreds of feet into a mountain or camping under the stars next to the ocean. The evening’s entertainment being millions of stars and the gentle sound of lapping waves on the seashore while you relax in front of a campfire.

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Foil surfing

If you have been here before you know try before you buy is a big part of our act. Well we have extended that to our Foils and Foilboards from Jimmy Lewis, Go Foil, Slingshot and F4 Foils.

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