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Windsurfing Lessons for the San Francisco Bay Area

Windsurfing is a fun and dymanic sport that also offers up some great excercise. Windsurfing however can be challenging to learn. Challenging that is unless you have some great instruction.

Windsurfing Lessons with Jason Voss

101 Surf Sports is proud to be working with Jason Voss, one of the top windsurfing instructors on the planet. In fact Jason was the Instructional Editor for multiple windsurfing magazines for many years. So whether you are a begining windsurfer or an experienced sailor looking to add a new trick to your arsenal Jason (pictured at right) can make it happen.

Our beginner lesson package is $400 for 5 hours of instruction. If you have more than one person you can add a person to the lesson for $80. Maximum persons in a group is 3. You can choose to take your lesson all in one day or break it in to two days.

For our beginning lesson we recommend taking your lesson in the warm air and water of Sherman Island just west of Rio Vista California.  For an additional charge of $100 we can do your lesson in Alameda, Coyote Point, or Larkspur.

If you are an experienced sailor looking for some fine tuning the lessons rate is $125 per hour. Buy 4 hours and you get the fifth hour free.

We provide all the gear with the exception of wetsuits. Wetsuits are not needed for our lessons in the delta.

So if your ready to go give us a call at 415-524-8492 and we'll get you started!

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