The fleet burst off the line!

Our second Redwood City race was much like our first. Good weather, good folks, and good times - literally.

We once again say our thank you's to the weather gods who delivered 60 degree temps and near windless conditions for the 40 plus racers tackling our 2 mile and 6 mile courses. With surfski, outrigger canoe, stand up paddle, and prone paddleboards in on the action there was something for everyone.Photo gallery & complete results at bottom. 

Chris Farris new Epic V8 en fuego.

Hint Water and Kind Bars kept the crew hydrated and well nourished. Pictured above team Schwarten (Geoff and Kai) power to the finish line and paddle of the day honors narrowly besting Robin and Henry Graham for the title.

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The day started with a bit of chill in the air but quickly warmed to the delight of all the racers. We were stoked to see such a diverse fleet of craft. Our basic rule is if it faces forward it can race with us. We have to lay down a 'way-ta-go' to the whole clan from Sacramento. Thanks for driving all that way to play with us. And yes the 2 mile course here is actually 2.5 so you get 1/2 mile at no extra charge! Inside joke.

Chris Farris new Epic V8 en fuego.

We will make an effort to update our records page, but we had record times in multiple categories. Bojan Benard, Amy Byers and Elaine Baden, Kenny Howell, Janet Walp, and a few others took advantage of one of the the highest tides of the year, and windless conditions to set new benchmarks. Pictured above Chris Farris firing on all cylinders on his new Epic V8 Surfski.Pictured below Tara Atkins digs deep at the finish - literally.

Tara Atkins digging deep for the finish line.

We started out the awards ceremony with a new invention: The 'Crowd Sourced Positivity Pulse'. We sent a big shot of it to our friend Judy Jensen - take no prisoners Judy.

After racing the fleet was treated to free demo's of Epic Surfki's. We had the v5, v7, v8 pro, v8 pro double, v10s in the water and ready for action. We also set up a selection of Epic's carbon wing paddles for all to try. Special thanks here to Kenny Howell for making it happen. If you missed out on the demo do not worry. At 101 Surf Sports we will give any first time surfski paddler a free ride. No RSVP needed just show up to our San Rafael store and let us know you are ready to try surfski and the first taste is on us. We know you will love it. Super fast and easy to ride. Truly the best thing you can do sitting down.

Our next couple of races are set so sign up today l and get in on the fun. 

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Photo Gallery

Complete Results. Sorry to push the math on you but add 12 minutes and 15 seconds to get the correct time.

Course Name(s) Craft Age Group Time Rank Div Rank
Long Kenny Howell Surfski Single 56+ 00:31:13.69 1 1
Long Elaine Baden, Amy Byers Surfski Double 18-55 00:31:52.32 2 1
Long Terence Li, Eri Miyasaka OC-2 18-55 00:33:41.41 3 1
Long Eric Berger Surfski Single 18-55 00:36:21.77 4 1
Long Nikolai Golovchenko Surfski Single 18-55 00:36:38.44 5 2
Long Robin Graham, Henry Graham Surfski Double 18-55 00:36:39.01 6 1
Long Jude Turczynski Surfski Single 56+ 00:37:54.98 11 1
Long Mike Staninec Surfski Single 56+ 00:38:13.21 7 2
Long Bojan Bernard SUP 14' 18-55 00:38:39.92 8 1
Long Jeff Kay Surfski Single 18-55 00:39:09.26 9 3
Long Barry Wicks SUP 14' 18-55 00:39:24.47 10 2
Long Mark Prior Surfski Single 18-55 00:40:09.61 11 4
Long Geoffrey Sears Surfski Single 56+ 00:41:31.53 12 3
Long Jamie Willin SUP 14' 56+ 00:41:52.70 13 1
Long Christopher Farris Surfski Single 56+ 00:43:38.99 14 4
Long Robert Macias SUP 14' 18-55 00:44:52.17 15 3
Long Michael Prindiville Surfski Single 18-55 00:46:07.53 16 5
Long Dave Jensen SUP 14' 18-55 00:48:08.69 17 4
Long Gary Leong SUP 14' 56+ 00:49:37.92 18 2
Long Janet Walp SUP 12'6" 56+ 00:54:52.19 19 1
Long Chris Heisterkamp SUP 14' 18-55 00:56:29.74 20 5
Long Scott Laberge SUP 12'6" 56+ 00:56:56.46 21 1
Long Alex Groswird SUP 14' 56+ 00:57:28.40 22 3
Long Allison Marino SUP 12'6" 18-55 01:01:11.54 23 1
Long Trevor Shephard SUP 14' 18-55 01:02:19.63 24 6
Long Edward Kuczynski Surfski Single 56+ 01:04:18.42 25 5
Long Justin Kuczynski Surfski Single 18-55 01:04:19.06 26 6
Long Clare Abram SUP 12'6" 18-55 01:14:15.36 27 1
Event Name Name(s) Craft Age Group Time Rank Div Rank
Short  Treston Vorac SUP 14' 18-55 00:18:05.95 1 1
Short  Patrick Alteri SUP 12'6" 18-55 00:18:54.96 2 1
Short  Olivier Caro SUP 12'6" 18-55 00:19:07.41 3 2
Short  Michael Glosny SUP 14' 18-55 00:23:14.44 4 2
Short  Jenny Scala SUP 12'6" 18-55 00:24:16.78 5 1
Short  Bill Cheney SUP 12'6" 18-55 00:27:43.90 6 3
Short  Geoff & Kai Schwarten Sea Kayak 18-55 00:29:42.03 7 1
Short  David Armstrong SUP 12'6" 18-55 00:31:39.62 8 4
Short  T- Atkins SUP Under 12'6" 18-55 00:33:21.08 9 1
Short  T- Atkins Prone Stock 18-55 00:33:58.39 10 1

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